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Real Estate Fraud Alert

High Risk Transactions – Vacant Land Sales The title industry has experienced an alarming increase in fraud claims, and many arecoming to light in connection with the sale of vacant land. These fraud schemes involvea party claiming to be the owner of a vacant parcel land which is offered for sale or isthe subject of […]

Representing Sellers and Buyers of Real Estate in the Chicagoland Area


Whether you have a closing date approaching or are just beginning the process to purchase, sell, or lease a property, contact our experienced real estate lawyers today to ensure you are protected. Our real estate attorneys represent both buyers and sellers in all types of real estate transactions, and a qualified lawyer can truly become […]

Real Estate Fundamentals – Amendments to Illinois Real Property Transfer on Death Instrument Act

In July 9th, 2021, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a bill which changes the Residential Real Property Transfer on Death Instrument Act, the new law will be called the Illinois Real Property Transfer on Death Instrument Act, this law will start on January 1st, 2022. The previous law and the new law that allows for a […]

Real Estate Fundamentals – Inspection Contingencies and the “As Is” Provision

We are often asked the question of how to approach the matter of inspections pursuant to a contract signed by the purchaser where the contract includes an “as is” clause. As an initial matter let us define what an “as is” provision in a real estate purchase contract means. An “as is” clause merely provides […]

Real Estate Closings


Constant care and attention. Even the simplest real estate transactions require it. Our dedicated staff and experienced attorneys, assure that your sale or purchase of your real estate is handle with expertise and a personal touch. With over 6,000 closed transactions we can assure you of the best legal representation. Contact us with any questions. […]

Representing Buyers and Sellers in Real Estate – Trust our Proven Team of Lawyers and Staff

Whether you are buying or selling, commercial or residential, anywhere in the metropolitan Chicago area, speak with us to get sophisticated legal counsel as you pursue a successful outcome. Call (773) 407-2100 to schedule a consultation or ask your realtor to put our firm information on the appropriate page of your purchase/sale contract!!!