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Will or No Will – Probate Litigators Here to Assist With the Legal Process

Looking for a skilled attorney to handle your probate litigation needs? Look no further than our law firm! Our team of experienced attorneys has years of experience representing clients in probate litigation cases. We understand the complexities of the probate process and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best possible outcome. Whether you […]

Probate Fundamentals – Determining Whether a Court Case is Necessary

The fundamental determination whether a probate matter needs to be filed with the county court is the value of the estate of the deceased. Under Illinois law the threshold for having to file a probate case is that the gross value of the estate must equal $100,000 or more. If the estate is valued at […]

Probate Attorneys Representing Families in Difficult Times After the Death of a Family Member

The passing of a family member is often a difficult and chaotic time. Addressing the matters associated with administering the assets they have left behind, commencing probate in the relevant court, preparing the necessary documentation related paying debts, contesting credit claims and all manner of other legal questions that may come up calls for the […]

Probate Fundamentals – Heir v. Legatee

Some confusion arises in Illinois probate court regarding the difference between an heir and a legatee.   An heir is the person who legally stands to inherit assets in the absence of direction from the decedent.   A legatee is someone the decedent has directed shall receive assets. The usual form of direction noted here […]

Basic Transfer on Death Instrument (TODI) Document Requirements

Pursuant to 755 ILCS 27/40, a TODI must include the following info:   Name(s) of grantor(s) – the people who currently own the real estate;   Name(s) of grantee(s) – the people who will be the beneficial owners once the grantor(s) dies;   Description of the property to be conveyed (address, legal description, PIN number); […]

Probate Fundamentals – What Are Letters of Office?

A. Despite its name, “Letters of Office” are not really a letter.  Instead, the Letters of Office are a one-page official certified document issued by a probate court after a probate estate has been opened. Letters of Office cannot be obtained without first opening a probate estate.  Upon entry of an order by the Court, the […]