Illinois workers’ compensation law applies to a wide range of workers, even those who don’t live and work in this state. If you were hired in Illinois or work for out of state for an Illinois company, you might want to file your claim here.

Within Illinois, there are several locations where workers’ compensation cases are filed and handled, including the main office of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission in downtown Chicago.

If you were injured in Cook County, if you work for a company that is based in Cook County or if you were hired in Cook County, you should be able to file a claim in Chicago. The office is located at the Thompson Center downtown. All proceedings in your case, including the filing of your claim, as well as hearings and arbitration, would take place here.

All work injuries in the county go through the Thompson Center location, which is why most Cook County workers’ compensation lawyers can be found in downtown Chicago. We usually recommend a downtown attorney because their office is near the Commission. It puts them in the center of the action.