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The Chicago eviction process has been modified

The Chicago eviction process has been modified due to recent ordinances passed by the City Council. The recently passed “Chicago Eviction Protection Ordinance” requires that every five day notice include a statement advising the tenant that they have the right to submit a “Tenant Notice of COVID19 Impact.” Receipt of such a notice by the […]

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New Date for mortgage foreclosure cases and execution

Recent standing orders entered by the Chief Judge for the Cook County Courts have extended the stay on the entry of final judgments in mortgage foreclosure cases, execution of final judgments in mortgage foreclosure proceedings, evictions in furtherance of mortgage foreclosure matters where final judgment has been entered and orders approving sale were entered and […]

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Big Bankruptcies Sweep the U.S. in Fastest Pace Since May 2009

As the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the attendant state shutdowns across the country. Continues to ripple through the business, finance and banking sectors many large corporations carrying excessive debt and with reduced revenue streams are resorting to the haven of Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing to attempt to save themselves. Although a hard […]

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Joining the already pending private-party lawsuits

Joining the already pending private-party lawsuits, we now have a Dupage governmental entity joining the fray in a lawsuit against the Governor’s current Executive Order for the month of May. The contention being that the Governor’s actions overstep is authority and trample on the rights of the park district and the statute that regulates the […]

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Executive Order guidelines – Illinois

We have received a number of calls from our business clients that are operating under the current Executive Order guidelines here in Illinois, inquiring about operational procedures for the use of face masks for employees and guests. Attached is a fairly quick guideline list from the State of Illinois that presents the requirements very succinctly. […]

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge of Student Loans

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge of Student Loans in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois Everyone knows that you cannot discharge student loans in a bankruptcy proceeding, right? Well, it would seem that this “common knowledge” may be more of a self-perpetuating myth. In fact, a 2012 study examining 207 bankruptcy […]

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Social Security Disability Appeals

When you can’t work because of a disabling condition, you’re tired. You’re tired of trips to the doctor. You’re tired of endless paperwork from insurance. And you’re tired of the daily toll your disability takes on your day-to-day life. It’s hard to find the energy to get the disability benefits that you need to survive. […]